Poppy Playtime

Old abandoned buildings scare us for a reason. It seems that there is some kind of mysterious story behind them. After all, if the previous owners moved out of here, and no one else moved in, then there is some reason for that. And in the case of Poppy Corporation, such guesses are more than justified. A long time ago, mystical events took place here. The factory worked at full capacity and produced huge batches of toys that were popular and bought throughout the country. But one day, for no apparent reason, it closed. Attempts to learn something were unsuccessful, and locals still tell eerie legends about this place.

According to one of them, the toys in the factory came to life and killed all the workers. It seems unreal, but what if it’s true? The main character of Poppy Playtime decides to go to this building to explore it and find some clues leading to those old and mysterious events. He does not yet know that he is in danger, because the game will start rather carelessly. You just enter the factory and start wandering through empty rooms and corridors. While nothing bodes well, everything looks really abandoned. But the equipment is still intact, so you can rummage in computers and watch videotapes in the hope of obtaining information.

In addition, you will often have to find a way to open doors and turnstiles. Considering that everything in the factory is powered by electricity, sometimes it will be necessary to close contacts or perform some other manipulations with devices. And for this, the authors of the game have come up with a unique device – Grab Pack. This is a backpack that is worn on the back and to which two palms are attached on lengthening ropes. With their help, you can press distant buttons, grab objects that are far away without having to go to that part of the room, and even conduct electricity. In the future, you will also need this device to protect yourself from killer toys.

At first, the toys will not attack you. They have not yet understood what happened at the factory, because the building is large. But as soon as they realize that an intruder has wandered into their territory, they will declare a real hunt for you. You need to keep your ears open and react in time to any signs of danger in order to survive. There are six antagonists in the game, each with their own scary tricks in their arsenal. Start your horror journey and try not to get caught in their plush paws!

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