Poppy Playtime Horror

If you love risk and thrill, but are already tired of racing and shooters, we invite you to the world of horrors and mysteries. You must have already heard that hair-raising story about the old toy factory? If not, you should know that once something inexplicable happened there – everyone who worked that day disappeared. Yes, they simply vanished, as if they never existed at all. No one ever found out what actually caused it, but that place has since been considered cursed and no one dared even come close to it. However, the former worker is nevertheless overwhelmed by curiosity to find a clue to this story. And he is ready to explore the abandoned building.

What is so terrible inside the empty premises? Very soon he will learn a terrifying answer. Right after he penetrates inside, he finds nothing special. But the hero feels he must study carefully every object here. So the process starts, but suddenly something distracted the guy. What are these noises and sounds about? And who produces them? Who is moving just over the corner? He does not believe his eyes – dozens of plush toys are watching him. And they do not seem to be just lifeless toys. All these creatures are alive. At this point, real horror seized the main character. But the evil toys will not let him leave the place so easily. They are going to take revenge for this intrusion. Join the hero to support him in this uneven confrontation against plush monsters. Help him escape lethal hugs of terrible Huggy Wuggy. And do not give up idea to get to the truth. You will have a special Grabpack with two interactive hands that will allow you to reach and explore objects from afar. Be ready to solve a lot of puzzles to move forward and do not react do different screamers behind you back. The answer is surely somewhere nearby, do your best to find it!

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15 Stars
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