Huggy Wuggy Horror

Who is Huggy Wuggy? At first glance, he is just a toy. A friendly-looking blue creature with thick fur that is smiling to the kids stretching their hands to glittering boxes on the store shelves. He is so soft and cozy, it’s probably so great to sleep with him at night when the lights go out. And although he looks like a bit of a monster, you know that he won’t harm and maybe will even protect you from the monsters living under your bed. But is it really so?

In this game you will confront the dark side of Huggy Wuggy that woke up after a mysterious breach in the work of the production lines at the factory where he was made. Something happened to the mechanisms and this failure changed the nature of the kind blue toy. He came alive, but not as you would expect. He turned out to be a vile, murderous creature, and behind his broad smile his victims can see sharp scary teeth just seconds before they die. Will you be able to survive after meeting him?

That’s what you’re about to find out playing this game! Try to get out of the old factory that is now empty and abandoned avoiding Huggy Wuggy and his vicious friends. Yes, there are also other toys you have to beware of. They all work together and they won’t leave you alone until they hunt you down. Sometimes the screamers are so unexpected and the situations are so realistic that you will literally jump out of your chair! Get your doze of adrenaline and have fun!

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15 Stars
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