Huggy Wuggy Minecraft

Right before Halloween, one terrible monster ran away from Poppy Playtime. If you played this game, then there is no need to explain you the danger you may unexpectedly come across. But if you know nothing about the mysterious story of the old toy factory, it is the right time to learn more. It was a big enterprise that produced all sorts of plush toys. But something happened there one day, and no one saw the workers again. Nobody could understand where they all vanished as not a single trace was found. The building was slowly running, until one day, a former worker decided to visit it again for some private investigation. And very shortly, he realized what could be the reason for the disappearance of his colleagues. To his horror, he discovered that lovely toys came to life and turned into wicked creatures ready to kill everyone on their way. And Huggy Wuggy is the most dangerous monster among them.

Even if you did not play the game, you will surely recognize this villain – this beast is huge in size, his pile is bright blue and he is constantly grinning. No, he does not want to make friends with you, he is trying to trick you with his treacherous smile. And what is really killing, is that this nasty character has left his original entertainment and decided to have fun in other popular games and scare everyone around to death. He did not miss the beloved Minecraft. The scoundrel simply changed his appearance, cleverly turning into his pixelated version. Now he is hiding among the building blocks thinking whom chase and hunt. Be careful, it may be you whom he will choose for his favorite hide and seek fun. But it will be you who will be hiding, trying to survive. Try this new mod with Huggy Wuggy – a lot of thrills are guaranteed. But do not even think to approach this creature too closely – he will immediately destroy you in his hugs. Do not get scared by all sorts of screamers – it’s your enemy trying to scare you. Solve different puzzles and develop and develop an escape strategy to outperform this horrible opponent.

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20 Stars
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