FNF vs Huggy Wuggy

There are many ways to prepare for Halloween. You can create a spooky costume for yourself and organize an awesome party with your friends. But you can also have a great thrill alone with some scary computer games. Furthermore, you can even open one of your favorite games and look for monsters. Treacherous creatures are gladly penetrating into other plots trying to scare the hell out of other characters. It is exactly how it happened in our favorite rhythm battle series. A dangerous antagonist from Poppy Playtime quietly left the abandoned factory premises in the search of adventure. He vaguely heard that there is exciting online entertainment where you can dance and sing, and even scare the main character to your heart’s content. You probably already figured out where he was going to appear? Yes, it is Friday Night Funkin. Poor Boyfriend does not even know yet what a terrible meeting awaits him soon. But the girlfriend’s dad is already happily rubbing his hands – finally, he will get rid of the hated guy. The shaggy monster will certainly not leave him any chance. Besides, it turns out he can excellently sing and dance. And he promises to hug Boyfriend to death the very moment he fails the battle.

Now your help is terribly needed. You must have already met this treacherous beast and know he should be approached with the utmost care, right? Help the main character understand that the monster’s smile is not friendly at all, it is actually a threat. Just look how ominous this grin is, exposing several rows of sharp fangs. Now you need to do all in your power to outperform this terrible opponent. You have already participated in dozens of similar fights to know what you need to do. The task remains exactly the same – you must fully sync with the music rhythm. It means you cannot press the arrows randomly and just for fun. You will need to make it in a way not to miss a single song beat. For every misstep, you will lose some points. And if you make too many mistakes, your progress bar will immediately turn red and you will lose the battle. In this case, nobody will stop Huggy Wuggy from attacking you. So, your music talent is the only weapon that you can use to destroy the ugly creature. In this mod, it will be only one song but is not going to be easy. So get focused on the music while you are dancing, do not allow the creepy monster to distract you. No matter what horrible screamers you hear behind, keep moving. Good luck!

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