Poppy Playtime Chapter 3

Horror games have always been in demand because they allow us to experience grim emotions without actually putting ourselves at risk. However, that doesn’t mean they can’t be really scary. One of such games is Poppy Playtime Chapter 3. When you first launch it, there seems to be nothing creepy about it. Everything is designed in a cute and colorful cartoonish style. You walk around an old, but still rather neat toy factory that was abandoned years ago. You wander into various rooms, deal with the stuck doors, look at all the equipment that is still working if you launch it. But it won’t be long until the danger strikes!

Here you will have to confront malfunctioning toys that have turned into real murders and try to survive in this atmosphere of horror. You can tell that they are near when you walk into the production facilities and see them going off the lines that start running upon your entrance. The game will also clue you in by suspenseful music that something is about to happen very soon. But sometimes the appearance of the toys will be very unexpected, they can catch you off guard when you think you’re in total safety. So you need to be really careful while exploring the building.

In total, there are six different toys for you to meet. They are all insidious and vile in their own way. And you won’t be able to figure out the pattern for their murderous behavior. Mostly you will have to deal with one toy at a time, but you shouldn’t go any further until you do it because then they will be hunting you in a pack and that’s much more dangerous. Of course, the developers haven’t left you without any means to defend yourself, and you will be able to handle these plush monsters in the most obvious way – with the help of electricity.

But first you need to discover a special tool called Grab Pack and learn how to use it. It will come in handy in many other tasks like manipulating objects and switches located out of your direct reach and conducting electricity between various parts of mechanisms to make them work. As you explore the plant and learn more and more about its history, you will be able to figure out what really happened here long ago when everything stalled and first rumors about dark powers dwelling in these walls started rolling through the neighborhood…

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