Poppy Playtime Chapter 2

What thoughts pop up in your head when you see a cute mechanical doll with a pretty face and a nice dress walking towards you? Of course, you want to take it in your hands, touch these synthetic curls and see how it works. But in our case it can be deadly! The catch is that all the toys in Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 are evil and aggressive. Something happened to the production lines at the factory and they began to release real monsters instead of plastic dinosaurs and teddy cats. You must understand what is the matter and survive this nightmare!

The action will take place at an abandoned factory. You will explore this huge building consisting of many floors, rooms and workshops from the first person view. That is, you won’t see the character himself, but only what is happening around him – as if looking through his eyes. And this is best suited for a horror game, because to see, for example, the source of a strange sound, you have to turn around, your field of vision is limited, just like in terrible dreams. Imagine how frightening the noise of equipment suddenly starting to function right behind you can sound!

Of course, the creators of the game won’t frighten the players right away, because you must first familiarize yourself with the gameplay and understand how to handle everything. Therefore, the first minutes will pass quite calmly. You will find yourself in the vast main hall where a nursery is located, from there you will go to the security room with many monitors and recordings of the security system, and then to the internal development room, where you will find a very interesting tool that will definitely come in handy in the future.

Then you have to go down directly to the workshops where the toys were previously produced. And this is where the real action begins. You will meet such representatives of the toy lineup as the blue smiling Huggy Wuggy with two rows of sharp teeth hidden in its plush mouth, the seemingly innocent but very dangerous Poppy doll, the killer robot and the hungry dinosaur, as well as angry fluffy cats that are better not to be stroked. Can you get to the bottom of the true version of the events that led to the closure of the factory and survive? Start playing right now and find out!

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9 Stars
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