Poppy Playtime Chapter 1

Are you ready to experience thrilling sensations that will haunt you for a long time? Then welcome to Poppy Playtime Chapter 1! In this game you will walk into the long-abandoned corridors of the old toy factory surrounded by the most absurd rumors and check out if those rumors are true. But beware of the horror that lives here! A huge monster named Huggy Wuggy who used to be a toy once but now turned into a dark murderous force won’t like your presence. He will try to get rid of you in any way.

During the gameplay, you will have to wander around the plant looking into various rooms and rummaging through old files. Shreds of information – notes and video tapes – will clue you in on what happened here many years ago. You will discover that the building was seized by toys that came alive and appeared to be very vicious. They killed everyone inside and since then the factory has been standing empty. Until now…

Making your way around the building won’t be so easy. There are many doors that have to be opened to get into the premises important to the storyline. You can do that by being observant and noticing small details that will help you figure out the codes that should be entered on the panels. You can also use different gadgets that you will find inside – like the signature Grab Pack – that will help you manipulate with objects in a much more efficient and safer way. Reveal the mystery of Playtime Corporation, but remember that Huggy Wuggy is nearby!

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73 Stars
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