Poppy Play Time

Have you heard about strange things happening in the old abandoned factory? People have been trying to avoid this place since an inexplicable incident happened here one day. So what happened? All employees disappeared at one point without leaving a single clue. Years passed, but one former worker cannot stop thinking about that past event. And he decides to dig deeper into it. His curiosity is so strong that it completely overshadows ominous rumors, and he goes straight to the old building in search of at least some hints. Of course, he will deeply regret soon about such carelessness. When the hero gets inside, nothing seems to be wrong – dust everywhere and not a single trace of a living being. So he begins to study everything around, look for some clues and is so keen on work that he does even not notice how darkness falls. Suddenly strange things begin to happen, and our hero realizes that he is no longer alone here. But he is still puzzled as no one entered the building after him. And the noises do not look like rats.

So who is there? And he is pierced by a terrifying guess – these are toys! The cute plush toys suddenly come to life! But wait, they don’t seem kind and nice judging by their expressions. They are not very happy about the uninvited guest and are going to immediately get rid of him. The main monster is Huggy Wuggy, a huge shaggy creature. Despite he pretends to smile, grinning from ear to ear, his intentions are really evil. Now, your task is to help the main character to survive and still try to disclose the factory secret that toys protect so much. You will still manage to find some assistants inside as well as use magic devices to move forward. Accept the challenge and do not let fear prevail over you.

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8 Stars
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