Poppy Playtime Huggy Wuggy Game Online

Poppy Playtime is a gripping horror game that will send you to investigate the mysterious disappearance of all the staff at one famous toy factory. You will be exploring the building, opening doors, figuring out how to use various devices and of course run away from evil toys that have captured the plant many years ago. Prepare for a lot of screamers and the atmosphere of suspense that won’t leave you from the very first minutes of the gameplay!

Learn the secret of an old toy factory!

The game runs in the first person view. You will be controlling the main hero who is a former employee at the company and you will see everything that happens as if you were him. You will also see his hands as he interacts with various objects. The factory is large and there is a lot of area for you to explore. You need to enter every room because there is something waiting for you in each of them. In the first one, you will find a tape that will show you a video telling about the company. The same tapes are scattered everywhere – you shouldn’t miss them because they might contain useful information.

Besides, the game has many interesting devices for you to use. One of them is a hand that can be put on your own hand and is capable of stretching to any length. You can shoot it ahead of you to get to the objects located far away. You can both hit and grab with it. At first, you will have just a left hand, but soon you’ll find a second one. Both hands will allow you to perform even more complicated manipulations, including sending electricity between two parts of the mechanism to make it function. And it can also be used as a weapon against the toys!

Huggy Wuggy is watching you!

There are a total of seven toys in the game. The first and main one is Huggy Wuggy. You can see his huge figure standing in the central hall. This is the most dangerous monster, he will be hunting you throughout the whole game. But the rest are no less aggressive. You will find them behind respective doors leading from the main hall. Be very careful, the toys will be waiting out and scaring you before making their move!

Stay on your guard and don’t forget why you came here – to find out what really happened. And to do that, you must find a way to deal with the evil toys first. Great graphics, creepy atmosphere and intriguing gameplay will keep you following the amazing adventure of Poppy Playtime for hours! Let’s get started right now!

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